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Timeline TV’s Broadcast Centre includes Custom Consoles desks

The largest of the eight desks is the 5.4 metre wide PCR 1 front desk which spans 10 bays and is configured for use by four operators

Timeline TV’s recently opened Ealing Broadcast Centre includes eight Module-R desks from Custom Consoles, located in three of the facility’s production control rooms and one sound control room.

The largest of the eight desks is the 5.4 metre wide PCR 1 front desk which spans 10 bays and is configured for use by four operators. A video production switcher is embedded in the desktop across bays 5-7, supplemented by 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods positioned at the rear of the desktop above bays 1, 3, 8 and 10.

Located behind this is an eight-bay inline three-operator design with 3U-high equipment pods above bays 2, 4, 6 and 8. Rearmost is a seven-bay wide three-operator desk of almost identical design, again with a 3U-high sloping-front equipment bay for each operator.

PCR 2 is equipped with two desks in a similar arrangement to PCR 1. The forward desk spans eight bays with a video production switcher across bays 4-6 plus four equipment pods. A six-bay two-operator desk with a trio of 3U-high equipment pods sits behind.

In PCR 3, Timeline specified an eight-bay three-operator multi-role desk with a video production switcher spanning bays 3-5, plus an audio production mixer across bays 6-7. The eighth bay is a 13U high floor-to-desktop equipment cabinet supplemented by one of the desk’s two desktop-height 3U sloping-front equipment pods.

A shared resource for the three production control rooms is a 10-bay inline MPX desk which is used for EVS replay. Designed for use by up to four operators, this desk is equipped with 10 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods.

The sound control room, SCR 2, is equipped with a single-operator desk comprising left and right 13U-high equipment cabinets coupled by a dual-bay bridge which supports an audio production mixer. 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods are located above bays 1 and 4.

“Custom Consoles technical furniture has a well-deserved reputation for robust build quality and ergonomic excellence,” says Timeline CEO Daniel McDonnell. “Back in mid 2021, we specified desks from the Module-R series for a video production gallery, MPX suite and audio control studio. Module-R gives us the freedom to select the design parameters we need from a standard set of modules.”