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Timeline Television installs Custom Consoles at new Ealing Broadcast Centre

Custom Consoles supplied five rectangular Module-R desks for the facility

Timeline Television has invested in Custom Consoles Module-R desks for a video production gallery, MPX suite and audio control studio at its new Ealing Broadcast Centre.

Custom Consoles supplied five rectangular Module-R desks for the facility. The production control gallery is equipped with a 10-bay wide desk configured for use by four operators. It includes four 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods located along the worktop rear plus an embedded vision mix/effects control panel spanning bays five to seven.

Positioned in parallel rows behind the front desk are two nine-bay wide desks, each equipped with four 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods.

Largest of the five Module-R desks is 12-bay wide four-operator desk located in the MPX suite immediately behind the production control gallery. This has the same design theme as the production control desks plus two additional 3U-high sloping-front equipment pods.

For the sound control suite, Timeline requested a 2.4 metre wide desk comprising two single-bay 13U-high equipment pods bridged by a 32-channel audio mixer. A desktop work surface with an additional 3U of equipment storage forms the top of each pod.

“Custom Consoles’ technical furniture has proved very robust over the years and a good investment both from technical and operational viewpoints,” said Timeline’s head of operations, David Harnett. “Module-R is a particularly effective choice as it lets us specify the exact features we need from a range of standard modules, eliminating the long delivery times and high cost associated with tailor-made studio desks. The Custom Consoles approach also ensures we can obtain extra components to allow changes in workflow or future expansion.”