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Sony’s cameras aim to “highlight the drama” of Italy’s Coppa Italia final

The game's main camera will be a Sony HDC-F5500 in combination with a Fujifilm HKZ-25-1000mm lens

As Fiorentina and Inter take to the pitch at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome tonight, the broadcast of the Coppa Italia final will employ innovative techniques which aim to push the boundaries of sports broadcasting.

Lega Serie A will use cutting-edge Sony cameras and technology systems to capture the match.

The game’s main camera will be a Sony HDC-F5500 in combination with a Fujifilm HKZ-25-1000mm lens. The camera’s UHD S35mm CMOS sensor with global shutter technology, alongside the new PL mount HZK lens from Fujifilm, maximises the quality of the most important camera filming the match, said Sony.

The broadcast team will also use HDC-3500 cameras fitted with an optical variable ND filter, offering a new way of shading during image capture. The technology, part of Sony’s Virtual Iris function, means vision engineers no longer need to worry about image quality changing due to shading alterations when used in dynamic lighting conditions, added the company.

Sony’s HDC-F5500 camera

Both the HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500s being used at the game are fitted with one of Sony’s latest full HD OLED viewfinders, the HDVE-EL760.

A Sony FR7 PTZ camera will be used remotely to capture the players in the tunnel before they take to the pitch.

Sony is also providing HDC-4800 cameras to film slow motion footage of the game, and FX6 and FX3 cameras to film the buildup to the big final, from the journey of the trophy to the stadium to behind-the-scenes of the match entertainment.

“Sony has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, so it’s great to welcome their knowledge, experience, and equipment to the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final,” said Luisella Fusco, media operations and broadcast director, from Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Organiser, Lega Serie A.

“The Coppa Italia Frecciarossa is always packed with action, and with people watching worldwide on screens, it is very important that we get as much of that drama across as we can. Thanks to the Sony team and innovative imaging technology, we are transforming sports content by using techniques normally used in entertainment formats.”