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Discovery enhances the Cube for Tokyo 2020

Studio has been updated to include newly-released 3D Zoom software to allow viewers to see wider and more spectacular panoramic views of Cube locations

Discovery is enhancing its Cube studio ready for the start of Tokyo 2020 next week.

Virtual reality studio The Cube was first used by Eurosport during its coverage of the Winter Olympics in 2018. The broadcaster has since used the technology on its coverage of both the US and French Open tennis grand slams.

Disocvery launches its enhanced Cube studio technology for Tokyo 2020 with on screen talent Greg Rutherford and Alex Corretja

The new enhanced Cube studio will be the centre-piece of Discovery’s coverage of Tokyo 2020 showcasing new software and motion graphics that the broadcaster says will push the studio’s analytical capabilities to a new level, giving viewers the chance to deep dive into the details of why an athlete won gold.

The multi-location Cube studio for Tokyo 2020 will also feature:

  • Up to seven different immersive real-time video environment locations
  • Bespoke 360-degree beauty shots of Tokyo as visually stunning backdrops
  • Newly-released 3D Zoom software to allow viewers to see wider and more spectacular panoramic views of Cube locations

London 2012 gold medallist, who is part of Discovery’s presentation team for Tokyo 2020 described the updated version fo the Cube as astonishing: “Using this enhanced augmented graphics technology analysis is so exciting. What it has shown me about the technical elements of my London 2012 winning jump is mind blowing. I had no idea about this cool stuff.

“After the Olympics I never really reviewed the minutiae of what I did, but the new Cube tech has allowed me to take a closer look at the building blocks of that jump and see it in a different light. This is the amazing insight that the new Cube will offer to viewers of Tokyo 2020 on Discovery. It’s so clever and fun and I think the audience will love it.”

Scott Young, senior VP of content and production, Discovery Sports, added: “The Cube is an incredible piece of immersive technology and we’re so excited to reveal new innovations to our virtual studio as the countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games enters its final stage.

“We hope the additional capabilities of the Cube will bring an extra dimension to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic storytelling and viewing experience, for audiences across all Discovery platforms.”