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Capturing the beautiful game’s global showcase with…Vivaro

Vivaro Media's Carlos Jurado reveals how the company is helping to support broadcasters around the world

Carlos Jurado, sales engineering and operations senior director at services and solutions company Vivaro Media talks TVBEurope through their involvement in the major sporting event.

What is your company’s role? 

All solutions provided to our customers use Net Insight’s Nimbra equipment for transport and in some cases for JPEG-2000 encoding/decoding. This equipment interfaces with Vivaro’s extended network which is Net Insight-based, to bring feeds for monitoring to Vivaro’s NMC in Montreal to complement its local monitoring at Doha. The network is further used to deliver the contracted services to each of the rightsholders at their respective facilities in Brussels, Netherlands, South Africa, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

How many people will be involved in the operation – remote vs on site

That’s our “secret sauce” and part of how Vivaro succeeds in its operations, but we can disclose that we have technicians and engineers roaming the world doing installations of new Points of Presence [POPs], and customer premises deployments. Some of us will converge later in Doha for the operations that will have a fully staffed Local NOC within the IBC to support all customers locally.

Every Vivaro employee has been involved with the event as everyone has shifted their focus to provide support to it. From purchasing getting equipment in extremely difficult sourcing conditions, to engineering designing and implementing every solution, to finance assuring the required resources to keep the materials and required services coming, to logistics making sure the equipment arrives on time, etc. …

What technology are you deploying on the project?

We build solutions based on our customers’ specific needs, and technologies differ vastly from one solution to the other. We cover most technologies currently available in broadcasting, from plain H.264 encoding to the use of SRT for low data rate backup feeds, going through JPEG-2000 and H.265 in video compression, and using embedded audio to MADI interfaces.

Is any of it new?

Not really. We do not like to deploy new technologies for events as there is too much to risk in tryouts. This event is not the best environment to try new things. All used technology is well-established and tested.

What are the stand-out USPs of your company’s role in terms of sustainability, cloud usage, remote production?

We consider our people, customer services care, and commitment to their success as our USPs. We are really committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and that gives us pride. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and going out of our way to achieving difficult things.