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Wooden Camera: Lens mounts go with the grain

Users of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K can have it modified to add an interchangeable mount that includes a PL mount, plus a wooden faceplate, by Wooden Camera. The interchangeable mount is compatible with Red Epic/Scarlet lens mounts that, by use of adapters, allow users to mount PL, Nikon, Canon, Leica, and BNCR lenses. Wooden Camera is also planning to introduce its own line of lens mounts.

The modification includes a wooden faceplate with working wooden record button, although the original rubber faceplate can be reinstalled on request. It is also possible to get the interchangeable mount without the PL mount.

For micro four thirds Blackmagic cameras, or any other MFT camera, there are also two MFT to PL Adapters. The Pro (Pocket) is a shimmable version that can be adjusted if the camera is out of calibration, and comes with a set of colour coded shims of various thickness. MFT to PL Adapter (Pocket) version doesn’t come with shims. The Adapter includes a foot for attaching to a tripod or Pocket cage directly eliminating strain on the camera.

Two versions of the adapter for Panasonic’s GH3/GH4 cameras include a foot for attaching to the camera base directly, eliminating strain on the MFT mount – this foot can be removed for use with other MFT cameras. There is also an E-Mount to PL Adapter Pro for the Sony A7s, again with removable foot for use with other Sony E-mount cameras.