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Wheatstone: Audio connectivity with an extra TV dimension

A large-format audio mixing desk/console, featuring IP networking in addition to TDM connectivity, is on show.

The new Dimension Three TV audio mixing desk offers I/O layering and profiling of channels into any configuration on the surface. Mixing, I/O and processing all take place in a separate network rack unit, with any channel able to connect to any audio source, using any preferred audio format at any time, including HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, analogue or TDM.

The Dimension Three is based on Wheatstone’s Gibraltar mixing engine, which is capable of 1,024 channels of simultaneous digital signal processing. It offers specialty features such as automatically crossfading between inputs as the switcher or automation system cuts or dissolves between video sources, as well as optimising levels of group microphones during a dialogue. In addition to Audio-Follow-Video (AFV) switching, the Dimension Three includes audio processing on every input channel and on all major output busses, all with resource sharing through the network.

Wheatstone said such unrestricted routing means being able to have all faders available to dial up whatever mix users need, and there’s no need to repurpose inputs because of physical chassis limitations. Dimension Three provides 16 dedicated mix-minus busses and 16 stereo AUX sends plus a bus-minus (N-1) output for every input channel (up to 128 input channels on 64 physical faders). In addition it offers two stereo and two 5.1 surround master busses, with up- mixing and down-mixing between stereo and 5.1 sources.

The console offers layering of channels and mixes from a menu display or offline through a network connection, and features a USB interface on its meter bridge. The USB facility enables recording/playback of audio clips as well as saving and recalling configuration settings. It also allows freelancers to bring in their USB Flash drives for instant recall of console settings, configurations and layering preference, plus audio files for the built-in audio clip player.