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What Caught My Eye: Future business opportunities

A live, multi-camera VR system, an object-based broadcasting solution and a real-time measurement system for sports sponsors were among the things that caught Nitin Pai’s eye in Monday morning’s session on technology enabling new business opportunities.

The SVP of marketing and strategy for Tata Elxsi pointed delegates to the Nokia Ozo VR camera in 8.C25 which utilises existing kit to produce a multi-camera VR broadcast.

The Finnish company’s system, which also offers colour correction, frame rate change and live automatic stitching, is being trialled by UEFA as well as on several live chat and music shows.

“What’s surprising is that Ozo still appears to be the only single VR solution currently on the market,” said Pai.

Other hot products include BBC R&D’s object-based broadcasting solution in IBC’s Future Zone (8.F20).

Demonstrated as a cook-along kitchen experience, the technology allows the broadcast to happen at the same pace as the viewer cooking.

“I can see this application working well in premium TV and product placement in the areas of infotainment and edutainment,” Pai noted.

For sports sponsors wanting real-time feedback on their ROI, small start-up VBrand is offering a potentially big solution in Hall 3 (B56).