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Vocal solution for AV control

According to TW Electronics, there is a rapid change taking place in how consumers are controlling their media equipment. The company observed that, until recently in Europe, infrared remote control technology has been the accepted norm for controlling the majority of AV devices. However, with the rapid increase in content availability, the need for quick and accurate searching via the remote control is vital. TW Electronics believes that voice control in a complex content environment gives a better user experience.

Ease of access is critical, the company claimed, and a fast but accurate method is required – and proposed a vocal searching solution. A simple key press and a spoken description of what the user is looking for will offer up not only stored content, but with the addition of internet access, a host of other content, said the company.

This will allow set-top box manufacturers and operators to build new, innovative features into their offerings and ultimately increase the revenues generated through wider content access, claimed TW Electronics.

Infrared is no longer adequate for today’s users, the company added, noting that it is now developing new voice-enabled remote controls based on Bluetooth Low Energy chipsets, and it is demonstrating these on its IBC stand.