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Viz Engine enhanced

The latest version of Viz Engine with new video playout capabilities has been introduced.

With the new features, Viz Engine functions as a multi-channel playout server for HD and 4K, while also allowing streaming IP video out. It allows Vizrt’s graphics and video to be composited in real time and output in a range of formats for use online, on mobile devices or live on-air. When combined with a centralised SAN clip playback, there’s no need to transfer files, claimed Vizrt.

Viz Engine is also expandable. The company reported that multiple GPUs can be added for graphics and video production. The same Viz Engines can be used for J2K and SMPTE 2022; more formats will follow and could be installed as services with no need to upgrade the Viz version.

According to the company, since every Viz Engine can function as a graphics rendering system and a video playback server, broadcasters can customise their own workflow.

Developers have also ensured that Viz Engine can be used as a live format conversion tool. The company said it could accept any format video input and output to any format in real time. It added that could be useful, for instance, for media companies broadcasting content in HD or 4K that would like to simultaneously stream all their broadcast content live in various IP formats.