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Virtualised real-time routing and processing

V_matrix, a software-defined IP Core routing and processing platform, has launched.

Lawo said this new IP broadcast video core infrastructure offers great future-proofing, while addressing a wide range of workflows and supporting the transition to a total IP-based environment.

V__matrix is based on data centre principles of flexibility, fabric computing and COTS economics and offers a completely virtualised real-time routing and processing infrastructure. The V__matrix ecosystem features generic high capacity core processing blades upon which Virtual

Modules are loaded to create the functionality required. Multiple cores are connected to a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GE and 40GE connections, to form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix with frame-accurate, clean switching just like a legacy baseband matrix.

V__matrix features a ‘physical world,’ which includes the physical V__matrix hardware and the physical control panels, and a ‘virtual world,’ where broadcast functions normally found in dedicated hardware are created by the various software modules that can be loaded onto the hardware.