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Video storage platform updated

The latest update of its Video Storage and Processing Platform is being launched at IBC by Ericsson. The all-software platform is said to enable optimised video storage, processing and delivery applications including cloud DVR and video-on-demand (VoD) expansion for TV service providers.

According to Ericsson, the Video Storage and Processing Platform is unique in its ability to unify and maximise the performance and resources of large arrays of off-the-shelf servers.

Ericsson said this latest update brings new features which give TV service providers the tools to deliver more value and better quality services to their viewers.

These include support for subtitling of over-the-top content, full support for Ultra HD/HEVC services, as well as CDN assisted delivery of RTSP and CBR content. Premium content can be securely streamed to second screen devices with MPEG-DASH and CENC while pre-packaged VoD support enhances content security for situations where the content must remain encrypted and not manipulated through the delivery path.

Elisabetta Romano, vice president and head of TV and media, Ericsson, said, “The cloud is playing an increasingly important role in transforming the infrastructure of TV into a much more dynamic, agile enabler.”

“TV service providers are already shifting key functions of their media architectures to cloud processing, such as cloud DVR. The agility, cost efficiency and service differentiation offered by the cloud is a winning proposition. By integrating this new platform within our various solutions, we now offer the most advanced media portfolio in the industry. Our customers are reacting very positively to our capability to help them succeed commercially at a time when there are increasing pressures on them to meet rising consumer expectations and compete with new industry players.”