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Visitors can test the latest Vestel interactive flatpanel display designed to enhance the education process by helping instructors to create an engaging and responsive learning environment for their students.

Offering LED touchscreen technology, end users can write on the board with a pen or even their fingers. Documents, presentations, videos and websites can also be navigated and scrolled through, simply by touching the screen. A versatile product solution, the white board can save notes, graphs, text and audio files, enabling end users to print, email or share them instantly or at a later time.

Also on show is the Vestel UHD Curved LED TV aimed at delivering a lifelike experience through wider viewing angles and an integrated sound system.

The company’s 3D smart LED TV with Dual View display is also on show, displaying two video sources on one screen at the same time. The sound coming from one of the sources is provided via the TV speakers. The audio from the other source is provided via headphone.

Wireless headphones and 3D glasses can be purchased separately from Vestel retailers. Each glass is set to view only one source. Both images are displayed in full screen mode and numerous users can watch the same source at the same time using the proper glasses.

Only content from a HDMI source via HDMI input and analogue or digital broadcast sources via an antenna input are supported by the Dual View Display technology. This feature is available if a HDMI device is connected and any analogue or digital channels are stored in the TV.