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Upping broadcast sound in a small space

The new Omnia VOLT broadcast audio processor shares technology with top-of-the-line Omnia products like the Omnia.11. Telos said it features a sound that rivals the best processors on the market, format versatility along with quick, easy tuning.

“With Omnia VOLT we’ve rewritten all the rules for audio processing and we are delivering more processing power for louder, cleaner and more dynamic sound in a single rack unit than others offer in two or even three rack units!” said Frank Foti, founder of

Omnia Audio and CEO of the Telos Alliance. Features of VOLT include six separate AGC sections (one wide-band, five multiband) and five time-aligned limiter sections.

The company also claimed the processor offers deep bass, warmth, and stereo enhancers, and ‘the best factory presets available’.