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True diversity IEM receiver

The new MPR50-IEM true diversity IEM receiver has been released. This addition to Wisycom’s range of products was designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications and is based on Wisycom’s established MPR30-IEM.

One new feature is the ENS compander, that caters to live and music shows/broadcasts by significantly increasing the quality of audio transmission during the transfer of complex data, claimed the company. Vocal transmission, the main purpose of the previous system, is also refined.

The MPR50-IEM possesses ‘impressive’ channel switching capabilities, claimed Wisycom, giving the user freedom to switch from IEM to IFB mode with one click on the menu. This new IEM also protects the ears from an accidental volume increase by allowing the user to set a maximum volume with its quick lock volume control.

Matching the previous receiver, the MPR50-IEM features a true diversity configuration with two whip antennas, along with Wisycom’s signature wideband tuning range up to 232MHz and an audio peak-dynamic of 200mW.