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Touch & Connect across the show

For the first time at IBC all visitors will be gifted with Touch & Connect, the remarkable electronic networking tool which will not only enhance your experience on-site in Amsterdam but also before you get there and long after you have left.

IBC introduced Touch & Connect last year to select visitors at IBC Content Everywhere Europe and it was so well received that this year it is being rolled-out to everyone.

What is it? In practical terms Touch & Connect is a NFC or QR code reader enabled by your own mobile device from which you can collect someone’s contact information with a simple ‘touch’ to an attendee’s badge.

Or you can collect content from Exhibitors with a simple ‘touch’ to a Tag on the download walls dotted throughout the show or on their stands.

Consign the carriage of notebooks, lost business cards and marketing literature to history and save your arms by harvesting the information you want.

What happens next? All the data you collect will be stored online ready for browsing or download on your personalised Touch & Connect Portal.

This is accessible via our mobile app as well as on the desktop application, so you can access your contacts anytime and view any of their content too from any device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Exchanging contacts and creating a virtual IBC library are just two of Touch & Connect’s many talents.

As soon as you register for IBC2015 you can begin to use tools within the Touch & Connect Portal to plan and build your IBC experience.

You can make appointments, start or participate in a discussion, begin collecting valuable information from exhibitors and contact the worldwide community of professionals who already benefit from the IBC Touch & Connect Portal.

What’s more you will be able to receive exclusive IBC content available only in the portal including IBC conference sessions on VoD, research and articles.

The best bit is that all of this functionality is available 24/7 365 days of the year.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of this superb opportunity by completing your show profile online by following all the details at

Don’t forget to add video, social media links, still images and biographies to make your IBC Touch & Connect presence as rich as possible.