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The full UHDTV spec chips along

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D5 DVB UHD SPECS Peter Siebert SR GJ

Its demos are about terrestrial content to mobiles, but the earnest concentration within the DVB camp continues to focus on the travails of
UHD Phase 2.

“Continuing to be the most relevant is HDR. HFR, wider colour space, and next generation audio, and that is what all our standardisation activities are concentrating on right now,” said DVB executive director Peter Seibert. “This means Phases 2A and 2B together, but we assume 2B, which is higher frame rates (HFR) will be implemented much later because we need the chip sets that are able to work with the demands of HFR, and we can only guess they will be available within the next two years.

The spec for HFR will however be written now, and there is good news about the audio element. “There is consensus in the group and I am very optimistic that we will have the technical spec in time for our November steering board, and subsequent publication,” said Siebert.