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Streamlining LAPIS introduced

New for IBC is the EXEcutor Virtual Control Panel (EVCP) from PlayBox Technology EU, which is designed by the company to complement a new server line. The EVCP is web-based, allowing cross-platform and remote management of all functions of the master EXEcutor Broadcast Servers, including remote media uploading, content, user and playout management, as well as systems monitoring.

PlayBox is a worldwide distributor of Profuz Digital’s LAPIS (Limitless Advanced Powerful Intelligent System), and is introducing at IBC what the company describes as its revolutionary concept of streamlining project management processing.

It is, according to PlayBox, effectively a complete company information management hub which enables organisations to improve efficiency and have better control over their information by removing the need to use multiple software products for various data- and content-related tasks.

Profuz LAPIS brings together workflow management, multi-user document collaboration, content asset management, customer relationship management and internal/external communications into a single, connected hub. It can connect to popular web services and allows users to search and interact with all connected applications from a central control panel.