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Strategy & Technology: Hybrid pay TV – the next big revolution

With growing global interest in hybrid broadcast broadband television, interactive multi-screen specialist Strategy & Technology (S&T) is demonstrating and discussing its technologies to bring innovative new services to interactive television and other screen-based platforms. The company is showing complete solutions for streaming premium content, interactivity and application development.

Known for its work in MHEG-5 interactive systems, S&T is now extending into new content platforms, including HbbTV, HTML 5, mobile and smart TV applications. With the growing use of connected televisions, consumers are increasingly expecting to choose the content they watch, as well as where and when they watch it, S&T notes, and meeting this expectation requires an underlying platform for streaming and protecting the content, and giving consumers seamless access to it.

S&T says that its solution means that it is practical to develop common applications for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs and other Internet-connected platforms, claiming that the company’s recent acquisition of OnScreen Publishing gives it a development environment that allows designers to create applications via an easy-to-use user interface, without having to necessarily concern themselves with the underlying code.

“Hybrid pay TV will be the next big revolution,” said David Cutts, managing director of S&T. “Consumers like the idea of free-to-air broadcasting, supplemented with premium pay services. We allow content providers to meet that need, either with our products or their own.”