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Something new in the mix

The Berlin-based manufacturer is presenting its Platinum mixing consoles and Crescendo at IBC2017; both feature new audio processing functions. Features include a gain sharing automixer designed by Stage Tec. The automixer is integrated into the design of the consoles and can be used in all input channels. The channel processing functions remain fully available.

Four auto mixers can operate simultaneously and independently of each other, for example to handle four concurrent conversations.

Stage Tec’s large consoles also now provide loudness metering according to EBU R128 in the sum and group channels. In contrast to other systems, using the loudness function does not reduce channel capacities. All channel modules remain available to the user.

Both platinum consoles are now equipped with a de-esser as a channel module.

Scene automation has also been enhanced; it is now possible to configure crossfade curves and times for each channel individually. This function is one of the most important applications in scene automation, said Stage Tec, and is especially sought-after by theatres. Crossfades can now also be initiated via GPI.