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Slimline, high-density battery

The new L90 Slim Battery is designed for use with smaller cameras, such as the Arri Mini Alexa, and offers a low-profile form factor, using a lightweight construction that makes it ideal for use with compact cameras, especially when mounted to gimbals or drones.

Its dimensions are 140x85x35mm, it weighs 500g, and has a capacity of 90Wh, which is claimed to give it the highest energy density of
any V-Mount Li-Ion battery on the market.

The PAG L90 Slim is also an intelligent battery that manages its own charge and discharge safely. It provides a continuous current-draw of 10A and can be charged using any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger.

A new feature is its orientation-sensing numeric Run-Time & Capacity Display on the side of the battery. The display adjusts automatically according to the battery’s orientation to ensure legibility. Run-time is displayed to a resolution of one minute, while capacity is displayed in 1% increments. The battery also communicates automatically with multiple camera data systems and displays its remaining capacity in the camera viewfinder/LCD.

As with all PAG Li-Ion batteries, the L90 Slim has been independently tested to UN standards, in compliance with air transport safety regulations. A capacity below 100Wh (14.8v 6.1Ah, 90Wh) ensures its suitability for transport on passenger aircraft without
quantity restriction. It should ship later this year.