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Slicker, smoother software steps up

Slicker, smoother, more sophisticated moves are promised with the latest updates to Egripment’s remote head and VR/AR software.

An example is its Advanced Interpolated Position Mode, a new motion algorithm for advanced movement generation. This allows axis drives to synchronously run a planned path using a sophisticated algorithm to pass each pre-set with maximum smoothness. It also allows co-ordinated multi-axis movements or any profile in a one-axis system to be carried out.

Richard Villhaber, sales director, Egripment, said: “Most algorithms just drive from preset to preset with a certain defined curve, but the movement through the whole drive path is still segmented. Very often, this can be seen as steps of a movement, but with the path planner we ensure a smoother, more harmonious drive through the presets.”

This mathematical analysis (based on Spline Interpolation) is coupled with updated motor control technology. The new Drive System used in both the latest compact 205/D head and the established 306/D supports a combination of feedback and forward controls, plus acceleration and speed control to provide ideal motion behaviour and reduced risk of error.

The system also provides better scalability and redundancy, and multiple clients and automation systems can control an entire camera system. In addition, Egripment’s heads feature direct, full serial drive connection to Canon and Fujinon lenses with Auto Vendor sensing and position encoder feedback. There is also new sync-free operation and move generation (without needing an external studio clock), for non-VR applications.