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Simple R: In the replay game

Simple R, a 1R system that offers SD/HD multi-channel recording and instant replays with slow motion is drawing a lot of attention at IBC. Billed by as the smallest replay machine in the world, the 4.8 kg Simple R is compact enough to be suitable for aeroplane carry-on luggage. Storage on the basic system is based on SSD, capable of recording of 60 hours in uncompressed full HD or 120 hours in broadcast quality SD video.

Three versions are available. Simple R 331 simultaneously features three recording video channels, offers high-speed full-frame search on all three recorded channels and also playback of two channels with transition effects between them. It has a multiviewer interface capable of displaying three input channels and three windows for recorded video for immediate review and search.

A preview window interface displays the next clip during playlist playout or the active channel during the search. During recording, a separate full HD video monitor can be attached to the system via HD SDI interface while export of recorded video for editing is carried out in 10-bit uncompressed QuickTime. Pictured: product manager Sandro Glanzer at Broadcast Solutions.