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Siemens: Swipe for OTT and IPTV

OTT SWIPE UX as a Service has been launched at IBC, allowing operators to add a customer ‘swipe’ function to their existing OTT and IPTV video platforms. The cloud-based service offering allows viewers to move content from one device to another.

“Interest has been high and we expect orders soon,” explained Markus Placho, vice president of OTT SWIPE at Siemens Convergence Creators. “Many of our customers already have video platforms, either IPTV or OTT and are delighted they can now access this functionality. It already exists as part of our own basic

OTT platform offering, and it can now be integrated into other systems.”

The new product supports a variety of brands, both on the mobile device and TV front.

“We also have a patented automatic pairing process that automatically identifies what TV you are standing in front of,” added Placho.