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Shotoku Broadcast Systems: Smart rail camera system

The new SmartTrack System from Shotoku is a fully integrated rail-based camera system for floor or ceiling use based on core track-based technology from MAT, Germany.

In combination with Shotoku pan/tilt heads and control systems the MAT system has been turned into an ideal robotics package for daily TV studio use. “It is highly adaptable, supporting floor or ceiling operation and a range of height column configurations, in both upright and inverted modes,” said Shotoku, which promised that it would be robust and stable, and suitable for long-term use in demanding applications such as 24/7 news or TV Shopping environments.

Shotoku has also enhanced its TR-XT control systems, to offer greater camera capacity and more dynamic configuration, and is showing systems controlling multiple cameras and sharing camera operation across several controller-types.

Also upgraded are its fully robotic studio pedestals, to provide complete X-Y-H camera positioning with free-roaming capability, where track systems would not be appropriate. Enhanced features include Virtual Reality tracking and simple referencing.