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Shape: Isee gyro-stabilised gimbals

A new range of stabilised handheld or shoulder-mount camera rigs that support a wide range of cameras, from the GoPro to the Red, has been launched by Shape.

The three-model Isee range balances the camera on a two-axis gimbal that is stabilised on the tilt axis and on the roll axis using brushless motors, sensors and a programmable circuit board.

It uses a joystick to manually control the camera movement, with robotic tilt, and is powered by two LP6 rechargeable batteries that last for up to four hours.

Shape is also showing its new Kirk Neff 2.0 Rig, co-developed with DoP Kirk Neff, which is available as a range of accessories or different packages and includes such items as: the large DSLR Video Cage 2.0, V-Lock quick-release DSLR mount, Follow Focus with both friction wheel and Gear, Telescopic double quick handle & Bloc 15mm Arri rosette, Mini composite shoulder pad and back pad, a Swing Away Matte Box with two 4×4 rotating filter trays and an array of other accessories