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Serving cognitive aces

Social media mining is the latest development in live sports engagement, as demonstrated during the Wimbledon Championships earlier this year.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) built its Cognitive Command Centre at the event using IBM’s Watson and hybrid cloud technologies.

The solution ingests feeds across multiple social media channels to automatically understand the most relevant and emerging topics of conversation as they related to Wimbledon, providing those insights to the digital editorial team who were able to make rapid content decisions to engage sports fans.

Sam Seddon, Wimbledon client & programme executive, IBM, said: “Introducing cognitive solutions to Wimbledon promised to deliver huge benefits for the AELTC in terms of insights, learnings and fan engagement. Cognitive computing holds great potential as a game-changing technology and will enable Wimbledon to extend the reach and exposure of The Championships.”

IBM also devised an app for Apple TV for Wimbledon, developed by IBM Interactive Experience. Users could browse real-time scores, watch the Live @ Wimbledon studio show, listen to three live radio channels and delve through all of Wimbledon’s video and photo content.

During the Championships, IBM captured 3.2 million data points from 19 courts across 13 days with 100 per cent accuracy, it stated, with a sub-second response time. It did this using ‘highly trained’ analysts and transformed the data in under four seconds to provide insights to commentators and media.