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Screen Systems: HbbTV partnership created

A partnership to provide complete end-to-end HbbTV solutions has been formed between Icareus in Finland and exhibitor Screen. Between the two companies, all the head-end and key applications are said to be available to provide a compelling service for viewers. Icareus and Screen claims they are well placed to offer guidance in terms of best practice and to provide connections with set-top box manufacturers.

Enthusiasm for HbbTV is spreading around the world, Screen notes, especially with-free-to-air broadcasters and operators, and so the need to evaluate the head-end, new set top boxes and relevant applications is paramount. Such trials need to be conducted cost effectively, says Screen.

With this in mind, it has developed the HbbTV Toolbox that integrates closely with the Icareus head-end platform, which allows a host of applications to be delivered such as high profile advertising and sponsorship features. Options can be made available on the way a TV programme is viewed using HbbTV Live and integration with the Extended EPG.