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SatService: SMU is simple-to-use, flexible

Designed for broadcast and satellite ground station applications, the new sat-nms SMU Signal Management Unit from SatService is said to enable satellite ground stations and/or satellite head-end environments to perform a broad range of signal management functions in a simple-to-use and flexible unit.

A choice of card modules enables customers to build a sat-nms SMU that best matches the requirements of the application. Each card module is designed to fulfil a specific function. Key features include LNB DC insertion;

LNB current monitoring; L-Band signal strength/level monitoring; threshold monitoring; adjustable gain/output level; automatic signal backup switching; LNB redundancy switching; transfer switching capacity; and external alarm handling.

Card modules currently available include the sat-nms LDCI (line amplifier DC inserter) with integrated adjustable line amplifier, DC inserter and L-Band input level monitoring functionality, and the sat-nms TMPS (transfer multipurpose switch) with integrated DC inserter, IF input level monitoring, WG switch drivers and automatic switch functionality. Also available are the sat-nms UMPS (universal multipurpose switch) with integrated DC inserter, IF input level monitoring and automatic switch functionality, and the sat-nms CS24 (combiner/splitter 2 x 1:4) which is a passive splitter/combiner.

SatService says that it would be delighted to discuss any requirements that it does not currently fulfil with these modules so that it can investigate and develop a card module fitting the specific requirements of an application.