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S7/i lenses primed for Full Frame Plus

The new S7/i Full Frame Plus prime lens range has been designed to cover the latest full frame cinema camera sensors, up to the full sensor area (46.31mm image circle) of either the Red Weapon 8K W or Panavision DXL, which both use a 40.96mm
x 21.6mm sensor area in 8192 x 4320-pixel Vista Vision mode.

The new lenses, which boast the familiar ‘Cooke Look’, are available in 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm. All S7/i primes have a true T2.0 aperture, with a nine-leaf linear module iris assembly, and cover 35/Super 35mm, Full Frame and beyond.

They have a common fixed front diameter of 110mm, with a focus drive gear of 140T x 0.8 mod and an iris drive gear of 134T x 0.8. The lenses each weigh about 3.5kg, on average.

Michael Lindsay, one of the first DoPs to test the lenses, wrote on the Red User forum: “They are fast, modern, big-format lenses that can deliver loads of detail, albeit in an easy-going way.

They are also super easy on skin and demonstrate a wrap around bokeh that is really unusual in a lens that also shows ‘infocus’ geometry in a modern way. Breathing is well controlled and ergonomics are familiar ‘Cooke’.”