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Rotolight: Neo tunes up LED lighting

Claimed to be the world’s first on-camera lighting system with accurate electronic colour temperature display, the Rotolight Neo should offer fast, tuneable colour on location.

The bi-colour LED light will also deliver 957 lux at 90cm (twice that of competing LED on-camera lights), whilst providing a soft light source, and good battery performance.

It uses 120 LEDs to offer full spectrum colour reproduction with an overall CRI of 95 (and a skin tone rating of more than 98), and colour can be accurately dialled from 3150K to 6300K in 10K steps. It has a dual rotary encoder control for brightness and colour temperature adjustment, and uses Rotolight’s Dynamic Drift Compensation to achieve smooth dimming from 0%-100% with no colour shift.

Neo can be powered by six AA batteries for up to five hours (or three hours at 100% power), or via an AC adapter or D-Tap cable, drawing just 9W at full power.

It will be available as a single or multi light kit, and include a 10-piece Location Filter Pack including diffusion, skin tone and creative effects filters.