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Robotics control for micro studios

The new μVRC control system is a cost-effective, modular version of Vinten’s high-end HD-VRC software aimed at small studios. It is particularly suited for use with Vinten’s Vantage compact robotic head, but can be used with third-party PTZ cameras.

Neil Gardner, product manager, Vinten, said: “As smaller studios continue to emerge, we wanted to pair our innovative Vantage compact robotic head with a flexible, ergonomic control solution.

By pioneering the new μVRC controller, we now have a complete, robust solution that lets any studio leverage high-quality Vinten robotic systems and reap the benefits of perfect control.”

A μVRC can control multiple robotic cameras for various shooting angles, and promises to be easy to configure. It gives users access to various features including camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, playback and video switcher integration to easily connect with third-party switchers.

It uses a touchscreen and USB joystick panel with the option to personalise the function keys, and an auto-discovery setting enables quick set-up for any robotic devices.

It is also scalable, as additional licensing modules allow it to be expanded to offer all the features found in Vinten’s high-end HD-VRC system.