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Riedel Communications: European debut for MediorNet 2.0

Making its European debut, Riedel is showcasing MediorNet 2.0, a firmware update for the MediorNet realtime media network that provides video router functionality and high speed rerouting.

Available now, the MediorNet MetroN is a 2RU large-scale core router that provides a realtime routing capacity of 64x 10G ports. MediorNet MetroN can function within a larger MediorNet installation, interfacing with other MediorNet frames via fibre.

Finally, the MediorNet networked approach to signal routing and distribution now includes WAN capabilities. Supporting forward error correction, retransmission management, and dynamic bitrate management, the Code One Transport Protocol used by MediorNet H.264 encoders and decoders ensures that the Internet can be used effectively for point-to-point transmission of audio and video.

Riedel is also displaying the MediorNet Modular and MediorNet Compact, MediorWorks software, Performer, Artist, and Acrobat communications systems and RockNet fibre-optic converters and console interfaces.

CEO Thomas Riedel said: “As quickly as the business of broadcasting is evolving, so is Riedel. We are continuing to develop next generation solutions that leverage the power and convenience of our networked approach to signal transport and routing, and look forward to launching a few of these here at IBC.”