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Rewarding innovation

Always a highlight of IBC, and a good indicator of new technology ideas that work well for end users, the IABM Design & Innovation Awards consisted of 10 sections based on the market segmentation used in its DC Global Market Valuation and Strategy Report.

The winner in Acquisition and Production was EVS for the X.ONE single operator, live multi-cam production system. In Content & Communication Infrastructure, Artel Video systems won with its multi-function IP platform with integrated non-blocking layer switch.

Zoo Digital won the Post Production category with Zoodubs, the entertainment industry’s first cloud-based dubbing service.

Lawo won the Audio category with its mc²96 grand production console. The Storage prize went to EditShare for its EFS single-node scale out storage technology, while Merging Technologies triumphed in System Automation & Control with its ANEMAN audio network manager.

NeuLion won the Playout & Delivery Systems category with its Virtual Announcer, and in Test Quality Control & Monitoring the victor was Conviva for its Video AI Alerts.

The Services category was won by Edgeware with its forensic watermarking. And the last category – Project – was won by Evertz Microsystems for its large-scale migration of linear playout and media processing to the public cloud.