Responding to new threats

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Conax-D3 -Tor Helge Kristainasen(l) and Tom Jahr (r) IM-SR (2)

Lynx, a TEE-based solution; and Prime Access, a cardless security client designed for hybrid set-top boxes, have been announced by Conax. The company says it is responding to connectable set-top boxes being open to third-party apps, presenting an increased piracy threat surface, while pay-TV operators are required to meet stricter MovieLabs guidelines for ECP specifications, to eliminate piracy and content redistribution issues on connected devices.

“Conax Lynx enables strong isolation on hybrid set-top boxes, reduced integration effort for middleware partners and access to premium 4K/Ultra HD content for operators,” said Tor Helge Kristiansen, EVP and principal architect at Conax.

“Lynx complements Conax Smart Card and cardless security clients, enabling value-added features in advanced middleware solutions.”

“Conax Prime Access will help pay-TV operators boost ARPU and secure their content based on the ECP specifications,” said Tom Jahr, EVP and head of products.