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Raptor full-frame macro lenses

Large sensor cameras like the Arri Alexa65, Red Weapon 6K and 8K, or Sony A7 require lenses that can cover their larger image area, such as the new all-purpose Raptor lens family from IB/E Optics, which have full frame (24x36mm) coverage. Band Pro is a worldwide exclusive distributor for the IB/E lenses.

The three new macro lenses (with 1:1 magnification) are 100mm, 150mm and 180mm, with a minimum working distance of 11.5cm, 18.3cm and 21.8cm respectively, and a nine-leaf iris for pleasing bokeh.

They are T2.9, which is fairly fast for a macro lens, and offer consistent distance from flange to iris and focus ring and consistent front diameter 95mm. They feature extended colour correction (APO), no change in length thanks to internal focusing, and m0.8 gear wheels for focus and iris.

They also have a UMS (or Universal Mounting System with removable central collar) PL mount, which allows the lenses to mount to a wide range of mounts, including PL, Canon EF, Sony NEX E, Sony FZ, MFT or Nikon F mount without re-shimming.