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Piksel: Alleviating the complexities of corporate communication

Recently launched in Europe, the DS4 digital signage solution from Piksel is designed to alleviate the complexities of corporate communications when fragmented workforces are on the rise. The company says that DS4 empowers global organisations to deliver sophisticated realtime content, including live streaming video to a global network, and manages the delivery of both live and VoD content to a multitude of different media including digital screens, directional signs, and corporate intranets.

“The rise in the implementation of digital signage in large organisations signals the power and importance of video as a communication tool,” said Mark Christie, chief technology officer, Piksel. “Being immersed in a company’s corporate culture should not be exclusive to working in a particular office; DS4 allows targeted messaging to reach staff in various locations controlled by one simple interface. The market is primed for a fully integrated solution which can deliver content to multiple screens, and the launch of our DS4 solution will provide European companies with the ability to make their internal communications resonate with their employee base.”

Available as either a Software-as-a-Service or an on-premise video platform, DS4 is described as a flexible solution that can be seamlessly combined with the Piksel Video Platform or integrated into existing infrastructures. Global businesses have already adopted DS4 as part of their corporate communications strategies, including AirBus, Axa, and Kering.