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Ruwido announces partnership with TiVo

IBC sees the announcement of a partnership between ruwido and TiVo in what the companies said was “a joint mission to make content more easily accessible for the user and to bring back the joy into navigation”.

“We greatly value our partnership, particularly as TiVo supports textual search as well as conceptual search,” said Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido.

“That’s important to our goal to reach user experience excellence as it allows for wider yet more specific search capability that is almost as natural as with another human.”

“In today’s world of ubiquitous content and devices, advanced discovery capabilities are crucial to connect consumers to their desired content quickly and easily,” said Matt Berry, senior vice president and general manager of advanced search and recommendations, TiVo.

“We understand the specific challenges faced by TV service providers, hardware manufacturers, streaming media services, broadcasters, content producers and advertisers to attract, build and retain consumers.