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OPINION: Technology + art = magic

IBC is about using cool technology to create amazing experiences, says Jeff Moore, EVP & CMO, Ross Video 

Finding ‘the magic’ is what shows like IBC are all about. You’re looking for that special thing, solution or idea that you can take back after the show and use to advance your organisation’s goals. Especially for those of you engaged in live production, its more than just about technology but also the art that the tech makes possible.

While we hear an overwhelming amount about technology at IBC every year, what is often left behind is a discussion, or better, a practical demonstration of why you should care about it. Exhibitions like IBC should force us to answer the question: what’s cool about the technology we make and how can the world use it to create amazing new experiences for their audiences?

For thousands of years people have been gathering together to be entertained, informed and inspired. This is live production, the focus for us here at Ross Video. Our passion is to help live production artists, the producers, designers, operators, and talent advance their art – and make amazing, impactful productions more easily. And of course we help engineers create the facilities that the artists need to do great work.

Often technology looks like it was designed by engineers for engineers without enough thought as to how it might improve things for people that must use it daily in the practice of their craft. As Ross has evolved from an engineering-centric company to a more well-rounded team that understands the bigger production picture, a lot of creative talent has invaded the company and changed our culture for the better. This change has given us a much better understanding of what our clients are trying to achieve.

Our highly talented creative teams are there to help our clients get the most out of their technology investments and take their live productions to the next level, but they do a whole lot more than that. They push the envelope, taking our products to their limits (sometimes breaking them) and find unanticipated ways to use them to do unique things in a production.

They also make a big impact on product and feature development. Having these folks close to the engineering teams makes a big difference and significantly influences product design, priorities and features.

There is a lot of both art and technology at this year’s IBC from Ross. Full system demonstrations include: an entire news production workflow; a full-on sports stadium production feeding a giant 20-foot screen; a full end-to-end large scale graphics production workflow; a live virtual and augmented reality production studio and more. These systems are staffed with both creative and technical people.

Producing content for our own productions and for clients puts Ross in a unique position to help you ‘find the magic’ that combination of technology and art that you are looking for at IBC this year.