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OPINION: A new brand vision

We’re in a true multimedia environment where it is consumer-pull that’s defining the media landscape, says Neil Maycock, EVP marketing, Quantel and Snell

I think everyone acknowledges that market conditions are tough right now, as is evident from the results we’ve seen published recently from a number of companies in the sector. This is a phenomenon we’ve seen before of course – every time there have been major technology shifts, they have caused deferrals of decision making, and so purchasing.

But the situation right now is compounded into something that looks from the outside like a perfect storm that’s hitting our customers from both ends. Not only is there a seismic technology shift going on that fundamentally changes their workflow models, but also a revolution in the way consumers are accessing media that equally fundamentally is demanding a radical change to their business models. We’re no longer in a ‘push’ industry – we’re in a true multimedia environment where it is consumer pull that is defining the media landscape.

Agility is the key to success in such fluid times; it is more important than ever that we enable our customers to easily embrace the new technologies so that they can exploit the benefits as and when their business models allow them. I’m talking in particular about IP, 4K and HDR here, and also – critically — the tools to manage multiple delivery requirements efficiently right across the media production chain.

Our approach is to enable our customers to buy solutions that meet all of today’s needs but also have the capability to change designed in – giving them the flexibility to deal with an uncertain future while seeing a strong return on investment today.

In contrast to many of our peers, we’ve just come out of a strong second quarter, and I’m expecting IBC to further validate our approach as we get the great opportunity that the show provides to talk present and future plans with so many of our customers. We are outperforming the market and anticipate that we will continue to do so throughout the balance of 2015.

We’ve also chosen IBC as the natural platform to launch our new brand and vision. It’s much more than just a new name sticker – it’s a whole new company with enormous potential, and we’re showing the first results of months of inspired hard work at IBC. Do call by.