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New services flowering for Ukraine

Together with UkrKosmos, Ukraine’s State Space Agency, Spacecom, operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, is now offering satellite transponder services for content sharing to the country’s regional broadcasters. Utilising AMOS-7 at the 4°W prime orbital position,

Spacecom and UkrKosmos are starting with an initial 19 regional channels on the bouquet, comprising 13 SD and six HD, reaching throughout Ukraine.

This bouquet is conveying the channels as a content sharing network via MPEG-4 DVBS-2 technology. For most of these regional broadcasters, joining the bouquet will allow them to make the first step towards creation of a digital DTH platform, and for the first time provide them with enough capacity to ensure high-quality broadcast of TV programmes.

Yuri Balichev, first deputy director general, Ukrkosmos, said: “By creating this new digital broadcast platform with Spacecom’s AMOS-7, we are further advancing technology’s reach in Ukraine and starting to create a commercial satellite platform for regional TV channels.”

Jehuda Amir, VP sales C.I.S., Spacecom, added: “AMOS-7’s Ukraine regional bouquet represents an easy transfer point for the local market to go digital. With an affordable entry point, the bouquet is changing Ukraine’s traditional broadcast market into an exciting and fast-moving communications arena.”