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Multiviewer for IP and baseband

A new hybrid multiviewer supporting IP/ASI and SDI/CVBS baseband signals has been added to Apantac’s Tahoma platform at IBC2015.

The new Tahoma-IL accepts a mix of IP/ASI streams and baseband video signals and displays them on one or more monitors. The IL Multiviewers accept H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, multicast and unicast over UDP or ASI, as well as MP1L2, AAC-LC and HEC-AAC-LC audio formats. Baseband signal support includes 3G/HD/SD-SDI, as well as composite video formats.

With the new hybrid multiviewer, facilities have the ability to mix and match up to 20 IP and SDI/CVBS images on a single display. Tahoma-IL offers high resolution HDMI/DVI outputs, and an optional SDI output for pristine visual monitoring. Output resolutions up to 1920x1200P are supported, including 1080P.

Built-in CATx extenders (with optional active receivers) for each output extend the output up to 35 metres (115 feet). If longer distances are needed for the HDMI outputs, Apantac offers HDBaseT extenders for up to 100 metres or fibre extenders for up to 300 metres.

The customisable on-screen display set-up via software includes borders, labels, GPI/O, tally, visual and audio alarms. There’s also AFD & WSS, alarm monitoring, close captioning, safe area markers, audio meters, analogue and digital clocks, as well as room for logos. Video windows on the display include multiple labels, and support UMD, OMD, IMD and standalone labels.