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Processing platform gets smart

The Canadian company is focusing on ‘smart’ production, with new functionality demonstrated for the Ultrix advanced processing platform.

One of the primary functions Ultrix provides is MultiViewer, enabled through software licences with no additional hardware required. Up to six MultiViewer heads are possible per rack unit, with a choice of output signal types. The most recent 2.0 software release supports customisable layouts, up to 80 PIPs per head, and layouts are now recallable via hardware and software panels, as well as
third-party control systems.

Todd Riggs, business development manager for global infrastructure, Ross Video, said: “Ultrix’s format flexibility permits SD, HD and 3G video signals to be used seamlessly in the same system as a standard feature, but any system can be updated incrementally to add 12Gbps signals throughout when there is the need to add UHD capabilities, with no change in hardware and using only software licensing.”

The same 12Gbps licensing also provides Ultrix with the ability to simultaneously interface with both 4K single link and quad link UHD signals with no need for convertors or extra components, which simplifies designs and makes it fully ready for IP/baseband hybrid facilities, said the company.

Ultrix also includes Ultriclean as a standard feature, offering completely clean video switching which scales to offer as many outputs as needed. Ross said there was no requirement for dedicated, special hardware with complex systemisation planned in advance.

Another feature of Ultrisync is that it provides software-enabled assignable input frame sync through licensing that can be applied to every input in the chassis.