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New kit from Miranda

Busy time for Miranda which has unveiled its new NVISION 8500 IP Gateway and NVISION CR6400 compact router series.

Busy time for Miranda which has unveiled its new NVISION 8500 IP Gateway and NVISION CR6400 compact router series.

The NVISION 8500 IP Gateway converts and packetises real-time, uncompressed, baseband video using SMPTE 2022-6 for transport over 10 GbE Ethernet networks. Once SDI signals are packetized, they can easily be distributed rack-to-rack, truck-to-truck, between floors of a facility and even between buildings or campuses, over IP networks. All signals support frame accurate switching for use in live production environments. For added efficiency, several uncompressed SDI signals fit into a single IP stream, reducing cabling when used for tielines between routers.

The hybrid-class (audio and video) cards can run in any NVISION 8500 hybrid router. Importantly, any existing NVISION 8500 router can be upgraded to support them, so current NVISION 8500 owners will not be required to purchase new frames to benefit from this new capability. Easily installed 10GbE Ethernet tielines between core and production island routers enable any IP Gateway-equipped NVISION 8500 router to power a straightforward transformation to high speed networking for data and content transport. It provides broadcasters the flexibility to easily adapt and keep pace with the changes in communications standards and requirements.

Scott Murray, Miranda’s senior vice president, Core Products, said, “Miranda already has a well-established presence in IP, including our multiviewer, ingest, playout, modular and monitoring products. The IP Gateway card for our NVISION 8500 router series is yet another enabling technology that underpins Miranda’s commitment to be the leader in supporting broadcasters who are considering – or already deploying – IP-based infrastructures. And, the fact that routers already deployed can be upgraded to include this technology is a big bonus for our loyal customers.”

Each of the NVISION 8500 Hybrid series router frames can provide full or partial Ethernet input/output support as required by the user. Once Ethernet tie lines are established, each SDI output is mapped to an IP stream, with multiple IP streams per Ethernet port. This provides the benefits of channelling numerous packetized streams through each port with inherent efficiency and extensive flexibility for everything from current production requirements to 4K UHDTV and beyond.

The NVISION CR6400 series, meanwhile, augments the existing NVISION Compact range and are the only routers to offer a 3Gbs HD-SDI, 64×64 matrix with high density DIN connections in just 2RU. These small yet powerful routers — initially offered in two distinct models, the NVISON CR6464-3GIG and NVISION CR6464-AES — are ideal for production studios or edit suites, master control or playout facilities, OB trucks or even stadiums that need a compact, highly reliable router that is also cool-running and easily serviced.

The range also comes with standard features not typically found in similar-sized routers, such as the ability to function fully independently of a costly external control system and hot swap serviceability. All key functionality modules are easily serviceable in the field, including hot swappable crosspoint, control, input/output cards and fans module, which vastly reduces downtime.

Scott Murray again: “Until now there has been a noticeable gap in the broad availability of 64×64 routers. The NVISION CR6400 series closes that gap by providing a much-needed alternative for those who want routing power and reliability in applications where large routers are too big, too heavy or just plain overkill.

“The addition of the NVISION CR6400 series means that Miranda now offers the most complete, no-compromise range of routers in the industry. Every potential broadcast application is matched by a routing solution that is an ideal fit.”

The NVISION CR6400 routers have an integrated control system which means that external control systems are not required, even when multiple routers or control panels are networked together.

Each component is specified to provide superior, broadcast quality signal performance, and the routers’ rugged design enables it to easily handle movement and temperature extremes, thus ensuring more on-air time. For further peace of mind, redundant power supplies are available as an optional accessory.

Murray adds: “The NVISION CR6400 range sits perfectly in our extensive range of compact routers and will substantially improve the lives of truck, project and facility engineers by minimising production complexity, substantially reducing space, power and weight requirements and maximising up-time with supreme reliability and rapid serviceability.”