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Motion control in your pocket

The new Genie Mini is an app-controlled miniature motion control device that can handle a wide range of cameras from GoPros up to professional DSLRs or mirror-less cameras.

The Genie Mini is around a quarter of the size of the original Genie and is controlled using the Syrp Genie App available on iOS and Android and connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The app uses graphical movement displays and dials that are easy to follow. The Genie Mini can also be synced to the Genie using a cable to create two-axis control for video and time-lapse, something current Genie owners had requested.

Chris Thomson, co-founder, Syrp, said, “We’re really excited about what’s in store for the future with the app and updates will include time-lapse image processing on smartphones the development of a pan tilt bracket to sync two Genie Minis together as well as an online user account platform for sharing presets and time-lapses.”

The $249/£200 Genie Mini can be used to shoot smooth panning time-lapse moves, or accurate realtime pans, and is claimed to be “incredibly simple” to use. The app includes pre-sets so that no technical expertise is required.

An ‘ease in, ease out’ feature allows users to ramp the movement at the beginning and end of the time-lapse or move, for soft starts/stops. It can do a full 360º revolution in 31 seconds, carry up to 8kg for panning (or 5kg for tilting), and weighs 230g. The built-in rechargeable battery can do more than 40 hours of timelapse or five+ hours of video.