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More power and speed for cforce motors

The latest addition to the cforce motor family, the cforce plus (developed jointly by Cmotion and Arri), combines the convenience of cforce mini’s function button with a brand new motor.

Supplied with a new large 60-tooth gear, cforce plus is both stronger and faster than the original cforce motor, which means that an Alexa Mini can be built up into a studio configuration with a bigger prime or zoom lens.

Twin LBUS connectors allow up to three cforce motors to be daisy-chained in any combination from any compatible cmotion or Arri LCS while the new standard split clamp offers improved mounting flexibility.

As well as integrating directly with the Alexa Mini, the cforce plus connects to Arri’s AMC-1 and UMC-4 motor controllers for camera-independent setups, as well as LBUS-compatible cmotion devices.

Also new is Arri’s Lcube Cub-1, a miniature signal converter that converts LBUS protocols to serial protocols and vice versa. This allows an ultrasonic distance measurer, such as Arri’s UDM-1 to be connected to the Alexa Mini via the Lcube and a daisy chain of one or more cforce motors, delivering distance readings to the WCU-4.

This allows focus tracking in the same manner as other Alexa cameras or the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4.