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Monitoring boost for IP video

For OB trucks and broadcast monitoring, the Phabrix Rx 2000 rack-mounted generator, analyser and monitoring system has been enhanced with 2K-SDI support and more flexible, built-in instrument displays.

The Rx 2000 can monitor up to four channels using an external display, with up to 16 instruments per channel. The advanced Rx range provides faster fault diagnosis, using 3G, HD and SD video capture for intermittent errors plus remote access.

Neil Sharpe, head of marketing at Phabrix, said: “As the broadcast market adopts IP video infrastructures, there’s a need for new types of test and measurement tools, which can quickly diagnose problems like packet congestion and jitter.

There’s also a demand for instruments that allow preventative stress testing of video networks. We’re excited to highlight new SMPTE 2110 IP tools that directly address these fundamental requirements.”