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Lynx Technik purchases PHABRIX Qx rasterisers, Interra launches lip sync detection tool and more

TVBEurope breaks down today's top tech news

Lynx Technik AG has purchased three more PHABRIX Qx advanced IP/SDI rasterisers to ensure accurate testing processes for its products. The systems were supplied by Logic Media.

Qx is a flexible rasteriser for hybrid IP/SDI analysis and video/audio monitoring, offering the latest hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement tools for environments that require 4K/UHD (12G/6G/3G-SDI), HD-SDI as well as SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022-7, ST 2059 (PTP), AMWA NMOS and ST 2022-6 formats.

The Qx also supports AES IO, with four versatile bi-directional unbalanced interfaces. It can handle audio conversion from SDI input to AES output for both PCM and Dolby encoded audio, and AES input signals can be routed to other AES outputs providing a single loop output or up to three copy outputs.

Lynx Technik CEO Stefan Gnann said: “Lynx Technik AG is well known for rigorous 100 per cent QA testing on the products we deliver to customers. As technical requirements are changing, with 12G processing, AES requirements and customers transitioning to IP workflows, we needed to replace our legacy testing equipment with the latest and best test system – so we chose the PHABRIX Qx.”

Interra launches lip sync detection tool

Interra Systems has unveiled BATON LipSync, an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification.

BATON LipSync leverages machine learning (ML) technology and deep neural networks to automatically detect audio and video sync errors.

The tool allows broadcasters and service providers to accurately detect audio lead and lag issues in media content in order to provide a superior quality of experience to viewers.

The application performs facial detection, facial tracking, lip detection and lip activity detection. Sync errors can be debugged further in the BATON Media Player through an interface that plots out-of-sync audio and video errors on a skew timeline for better visualisation.

Anupama Anantharaman, VP product management at Interra Systems, said: “Lip sync errors are annoying and distracting and negatively impact overall viewing experiences. With our BATON LipSync product, we’re extending our video quality control expertise to help address the difficult problem of audio-video sync using advanced image processing and ML technologies.

“In addition to solving the problem of detection, accompanying debug information and comprehensive reporting will go a long way in assuring audio-video sync accuracy and helping our customers to deliver a more satisfying viewing experience.”

Telstra unveils Cloud gateway solution

Telstra has announced a new Cloud gateway solution, GMN MediaNet, to be rolled out this month.

The solution expands on the Telstra GMN international fibre, satellite and partner media networks by providing a gateway from “on-net” media rights holders to “off-net” media buyers, using Cloud infrastructure. 

Telstra has added data-based capability, known as GMN Media Data, using bidirectional and multi-point Ethernet services with the ability to create data channels that allow a point-to-point data link between a media company HQ and a remote event or location.

Andreas Eriksson, head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said: “This new solution enables media buyers to scale the management of delivery in addition to the services we provide today and to meet service level agreements in a cost-effective manner.

“We offer a premium service but can scale up and down service assurance and management to meet media buyer’s Service-Level Agreements.” 

Synamedia, Vodafone sign multi-year deal

Synamedia has secured a multi-year contract with Vodafone Group that includes the Infinite video platform, security solutions and end-to-end integration services.

The company will assist Vodafone Group in creating a unified global Cloud TV platform running on next-generation Gigabit infrastructure, while integrating the recently acquired Unitymedia cable TV platform and set-top boxes with the Vodafone GigaTV flagship product in Germany.

“Synamedia was the ideal choice to help us with this uniquely complex migration project in Germany, as well as our strategic global transformation,” said Tanja Richter, technology director consumer product and services, Vodafone Group. “Their technology, end-to-end integration skills and security solutions will help Vodafone effect a smooth transition to a unified Gigabit-ready Cloud TV platform.”

“We share Vodafone Group’s vision of a sustainable Cloud TV future in which existing assets and investments are nurtured,” added Synamedia CEO Yves Padrines. “Leveraging our Infinite services, security solutions and integration capabilities, Vodafone Group will benefit from a unified Cloud TV platform that will boost operational efficiencies and provide the foundation for a best-in-class subscriber experience for years to come.”