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Playout and publishing options boost Iphrame Suite

The IP and SDI compatible Iphrame Suite has been bolstered with the addition of realtime production, playout and publishing options.

On show at IBC for the first time, Iphrame Publish treats linear channel playout in much the same way as publishing for VoD by pre-rendering channels, while Iphrame Vision is a realtime production system and vision mixer that runs on standard IT hardware and handles video, audio and graphics.

Ed Calverley, VP products at Suitcase TV, said, “By reducing the amount of proprietary broadcast equipment used, broadcasters can also save on the time it takes to set such systems up. As a result, the only essential on-site staff are the camera operators and very few others. For broadcasters seeking ways to provide more high quality content while reducing their costs, it is clear that Iphrame Vision can help save on the expense of transporting staff and equipment.”

Suitcase TV has also launched three smaller packaged products designed to help broadcasters working with IP.

The Iphrame Encoder and Iphrame Decoder provide conversion between SDI and IP and include options for monitoring and control while the Iphrame Surface allows a PC to be re-purposed as a multi-viewer.

MediaStor, the file-based MAM system, is also on show.