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MediaStor ready to disrupt

A deliberately disruptive software-defined storage platform designed specifically for broadcast media operations is being showcased at IBC.

The 1RU MediaStor Archive from Suitcase TV comes with 128TB of storage and, according to its developers, is designed to ‘resolve long-term media asset storage problems’ by offering a mixture of different storage models.

Working with RAID-based storage, the Windows-based platform is built on commodity IT hardware and provides options for scalable online, nearline and archive storage at the same time.

David Atkins, technical director, Suitcase TV, said: “We’re proud to be a major proponent of what some consider the disruptive advent of IP. Our firm belief is that

IP is a more exciting and cost-effective approach and is already displacing traditional broadcast hardware, which suits us just fine, but we also recognise that SDI still has its place.”

The company is also touting its IP-based vision mixer iphrame Vision at IBC, as well as the remote production offering iphrame Remote. The software switcher is able to receive and send out in a range of formats including SD-SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI, IP and ASI and offers the capability of recording and encoding all inputs and outputs.

The iphrame Remote works by consolidating all SDI and IP sources within a server deployed at the event site. The server buffers these streams, generates proxies of them and pushes them up into the cloud.

From here an operator can use an iphrame client to view the proxy streams frame accurately and make switching decisions that are passed back to the remote site. The iphrame Vision Engine then generates a high-bit-rate, high-quality output, ready for transmission.

Suitcase TV software was part of a remote production trial conducted by BBC Sport during coverage of the Euro 2016 football tournament in France.